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All High Streets is the one stop destination that lets you shop in your local community anytime by street and town/city.

Our mission is to help you love your high street, shop local and support your community.

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Why we should shop local

  1. Forget the BOGOFF and think WIGIG (When It’s Gone It’s Gone)

Whilst the high street might not be the first place you think of when it’s time to do some shopping; could you do without it? Whether it is a last-minute gift, a dash to get the all-important ingredient or the sun is out – the high street really can be your one stop shop. Perhaps you just want to get a coffee and catch up with an old friend – would your favourite coffee shop be there without the footfall created by high street? With the recent pandemic, the high street has been a literal life line to the elderly, the ill or the isolated who simply can’t make it to the out of town shops or who don’t want to or simply can’t shop online.

  1. Charity begins at the high street

Did you know that more money for local charities and not for profit organisations is provided by local businesses than by national or international businesses? High street shops are part of your community and they recognise their place in that community, giving their time and money to help make your community a better place for all.

  1. One hand washes the other

The more shops there are in the high street the more people will have jobs – makes sense, right? The more jobs there are then the more money is being invested back into the local community in turn creating more businesses and more jobs – a truly virtuous circle we should all be part of. If we add the increased tax revenue into the mix, then more money is invested into local infrastructure with benefits moving far beyond the high street and into your local community as a whole – benefitting you and everyone else – win win.

  1. When a street becomes a home

A thriving high street is the beating heart of any community.  A great high street is a presence – it is a personality in which we are a part of, it shapes our shared community and our sense of belonging. Be it food markets, live music or switching on the Christmas lights a shared sense of belonging is part of our human nature.

  1. You’ve got to start somewhere

Whether you are a start out entrepreneur, looking for your first job or a parent looking to find a job that fits around your hectic schedule a thriving high street offers opportunities for all.

  1. But the bigger the company the bigger the value?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the best deals can be found in supermarkets, out of town shopping centres or online. Often the best value is found much closer to your door and that can often mean fresher and less environmental impact too.

  1. Shopping can release endorphins

Or at the very least, walking to the shops will. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers and mood elevators. The benefits of walking to the local shops, saving money on parking and not adding to the already clogged roads and exhaust fumes. The fact that whilst you are there you can pick up a unique bargain and support a local business will make you feel even better.

  1. Think global – act local

The high street is the home to many unique, locally made products – that you simply won’t find anywhere else. The perfect gift for that hard to buy for aunt or the quirky moving in present can be found in the high street. Gifts for your tummy can be just as unique with locally grown produce and small batch foods just waiting to make your day even better. Coupled with less food miles and you’ve really got something to smile about.

  1. People are great

Often you will find the most knowledgeable people and those willing to invest time in you in order to make sure you have made the right purchase in your high street. These are the experts who have both a vested interest in making you happy and genuinely care about your shopping trip.

  1. Because your town is worth it

The UK adult population was estimated at 52,403,344[i] by the Office of National Statistics. If the UK adult population spent £10 a month in each of our respective towns and cities we would support our local economies to the value of Six Billion Two Hundred Eighty-Eight Million Four Hundred One Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Pounds.

[i] Projected UK Adult Population – Office National Statistics June 2018

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