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All High Streets is the one stop destination that lets you shop in your local community anytime by street and town/city.

Our mission is to help you love your high street, shop local and support your community.

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We miss shopping too

Remember the good old days when you could meet your friends in town and spend the entire day shopping?

Walking around each shop in a methodical fashion to make sure you don’t miss a thing; taking way too many items to the changing room… trying on everything in every shop only to go back and buy the first pair of jeans/dress/top.

The reality of shopping in-store is very different with queues and sanitising stations, with speed, safety and hygiene at the top of the agenda.

With talk of a second wave and another lockdown looming at All High Streets HQ we were reminiscing and just thinking about all the things we miss about shopping without restrictions…

  • The cheery welcome from staff in the shops
  • The unhurried chats with the people you know who work in-store
  • The bustling high streets and shopping centres
  • Not wearing a mask
  • Trying on clothes in changing rooms
  • Chatting to fellow shoppers without having to maintain a safe distance
  • Shopping with a large group of friends

We miss many things we took for granted before the pandemic and we hope things will get better soon so we can start to see our local high streets bustling again.

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