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The new normal and why we love it!

Lockdown lifted a couple of months ago and whilst most of are so pleased with some sense of normality our new normal is a little bit different and some changes we made during lockdown are here to stay.

According to research from Headspace (the mediation app) 85% of Brits have seen positive outcomes from lockdown and some of those healthy habits are here to stay.

Here are our top ten lifestyle changes which we will continue for good.

  1. Home workouts are here to stay

We won’t be returning to the gym. Home workouts are the future for us, they fit around our schedule and best of all they are free or significantly cheaper than a gym membership.

  1. Fast/convenience food is a thing of the past

Cooking from scratch was a lifeline in lock down and we loved sourcing fresh local ingredients instead of a rushed meal or takeaway after work as we were often too tired to cook. Cooking gave us much more control of the ingredients we put in our dishes and we focused on healthy choices.  That is a combined weight loss of 3 stone in our world.

  1. Gardening is a new past-time

The glorious weather at the start of lockdown meant that we were all out in our gardens or enjoying our outdoor spaces. With our free time we could maintain and tend to our gardens, water them frequently and were able to sow seeds and watch them flourish.

  1. Slower pace of life

We have fully embraced a slower pace of life and aren’t rushing off anywhere in a hurry.  Lockdown forced us to stay at home so we had nowhere to be and no social plans; although tough initially this actually forced us to stop and be present.

  1. Quality time with friends and family

We all missed our friends and families like crazy, and adore the moments we can spend with them now. Every occasion, even when you are just popping round for a cup of tea feels like a celebration.

  1. Practising mindfulness and turning to faith

Turning to a higher presence and praying was re-assuring for many us as were mindfulness practices such as meditation and gratitude. We loved the feeling of positivity of self contentment this brought and are fully embracing these self-care practices.

  1. Online shopping & technology was our saviour

Everyone embraced technology with Zoom/Houseparty calls and shopping online was a lifeline for many.  Post lockdown it is reported that 9 out of 10 will continue to shop online for convenience.  We will continue to source local and UK suppliers online.

  1. Shopping local

Our worlds became a lot smaller during lockdown, and the most significant world was local. We fully embraced our local town and will continue to shop local, eat out and support our community.

  1. Wasting less food

Our food waste is almost zero. Prior to lockdown we often threw away leftover food and fresh ingredients we never got round to using. The lack of food in supermarkets and cooking from scratch has meant we always use up our fresh ingredients and eat any leftovers.

  1. Getting out more

Staying at home meant we appreciated our local communities so much more, we discovered new walks, cycle routes, stopped and appreciated nature.

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