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All High Streets is the one stop destination that lets you shop in your local community anytime by street and town/city.

Our mission is to help you love your high street, shop local and support your community.

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Our high street

It could be said that the “high street” as we know it today was born from tragedy. The Great Fire of London, 1666, led to a need for the greater transparency of shops and retailers, meaning stricter planning laws were introduced forcing shops to be in the principal street or “high street”. The 17th and 18th centuries saw a rapid increase in the number of shops, and it was the 19th century that saw the “high street” as somewhere to see and be seen. This upward trajectory would plateau and begin its, perhaps inevitable, decline in the 20th century with the advent of more and more out-of-town shopping centres and malls, and latterly online shopping.

Phoenix rising

Today, with all that is going on in the world, the need for local, convenient and accessible high street shopping has never been more necessary. Whilst the high street remains largely accessible to most, they are not what they used to be. They offer less choice and thus have become secondary to larger online stores that can offer a multitude of products which can be delivered directly to our doors. But it does not need to be like this. Independent retailers, shops that have been there for generations, the hearts and souls of communities and a literal lifeline for some need our support before it is too late.  There is room in modern life enough for the high street, and we should be mindful of its benefits – before it is too late


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