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All High Streets is the one stop destination that lets you shop in your local community anytime by street and town/city.

Our mission is to help you love your high street, shop local and support your community.

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So here we are live on the World Wide Web with… a little labour of love!

It’s crazy to think that just a short six weeks ago that was just a little idea at the peak of lock-down.

So how did all this start … is the brainchild of founder, Sameena, and the idea took root as she, like many others, lost her job during the COVID pandemic.

So we caught up with Sameena and here is what she had to say:

As a naturally very empathetic person rather than just think of myself in this situation, losing my job was a real point turning point for me. Yes, my loss of income was very hard… but it also made me think about all the 1000’s of people who had actually lost more than a job; they’d lost their loved ones during this terrible crisis.

As we go back to “a new normal” this has inevitably brought about a period of reflection, particularly around our purpose and what’s important. How we are all going to bounce back from this; so many people will feel the devastating effect on this for many years to come.

As I took stock I realised I wanted to do something that made a difference to our local communities.

During the pandemic I found as we stayed at home how much we were all reliant on our local towns, its amenities and shops… one evening as my husband and I went on one of our walks I noticed everything was closed in our lovely market town of Horsham and felt a little bit sad at the thought of all these people losing their livelihoods.

I wanted to do something meaningful and helpful with my experience, so I chose to help in  the only way I know how: to utilise my Digital and Marketing expertise. I have over 15 years of marketing and commerce experience. I know how to make money for businesses online and have done this successfully for many years. I want to use this experience to help real people, who won’t lose their income again if they have to close their shop.

Welcome to my light-bulb moment.

I know so many of us after this want to shop local, support independents and support our community.

Our aim is to be the one stop destination that lets you shop in your local community anytime. Businesses list their products on our website, by town/city and street. We find customers and the sellers fulfil the orders.

We are aiming to work with small independent businesses across the UK and give them access to our marketing expertise, help them to reach new customers and grow their business.

They simply need to register their shop online with us (it’s free and only takes a few minutes).

Our mission is to help you love your high street, shop local and support your community.

As a customer, you can expect to shop all local business and support your local economy as we pass all orders directly to your local shops, which you can get delivered or simply pop down to your local shop/s and collect your order in person. Sign in or register and be part of our community.

As a Seller you will have access to our digital marketing expertise as we help you reach new customers, share your story and help you generate sales. Get in touch to find out more or start selling today.

Our ethos is simple it’s to encourage individuals to shop local, buy local, and support independents.

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