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It has been a decade since we first downloaded Instagram. The picture-sharing app founded by tech entrepreneurs Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in San Francisco.

Instagrams success is a dream most Silicon Valley entrepreneurs aspire to, as the app was an instant hit attracting thousands of users within hours of going live, and was sold to  Facebook just two years later for $1bn (£629m).

Today at ten Instagram has more than 1 billion users and is the social network that has redefined how brands across a variety of industries communicate.

We all do it for the ‘gram’! It is the place where we share aesthetically pleasing images and where social influence is more powerful that we could have imagined. We browse, discover, and buy with just a few clicks and it is a place where businesses can reach and interact with customers directly.

Whether you love a selfie or belfie, we are taking a little trip down memory lane

  1. It didn’t start with a puppy!

It has been widely reported that the story of Instagram began with a picture of a stray dog sitting near a taco stand in Mexico on Kevin Systrom’s feed captioned ‘test’ as it was uploaded a few months before the app was launched to the public. But in actual fact the first picture was this and the first caption came with the dog.

  1. The first #selfie

Although people had posted images of themselves before this on the app, the first recorded #selfie came from Jennifer Lee.

  1. #FollowMeTo

The trend that skyrocketed in 2012 came from couple Murad Osmann and his now wife (then-girlfriend) Natalia Zakharova as their signature arm-stretched pose was copied far and wide.


  1. Influencing was born

It was 2012 when Facebook bought Instagram, and Kim Kardashian signed up. Both represented the monetisation of the app.

Dedicated followers of fashion found a natural home with #ootd as this is the standard way for fashion influencers to flaunt their fashion finds/gifts.


  1. Contouring

2015 was the year of contouring; we saw endless makeup tutorials of how to create the perfect cheekbones… a few of us mastered this trend whereas the rest of us looked like we needed to wash our faces.

  1. Foodporn

We all started eating cold food in 2015, as the perfect food picture came first.


  1. Poets

Instagram is an incredible source of inspiration for so many of us and 2017 saw the rise of modern poetry on Instagram.


  1. Fitness

Fitness has seen a shift towards to empowerment and strength and we have seen the rise of fitness influencers on the platform helping to focus on vitality rather than restriction and reduction.


  1. Clean

The star of last year was Mrs Hinch with her army of #hinchers. Her tips on cleaning and managing her anxiety gained her an army of followers who found her content accessible, affordable and relatable.


  1. Pandemic

During the pandemic we have all turned to Instagram much more. With the Stay Home sticker, we joined the trends of sourdough, rainbows, banana bread and championed the heroes in our communities.

As we continue life in the pandemic we will no doubt continue to create hashtags and content to connect.

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